Oct 242011

ASPRS: The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society, Rocky Mountain Region

The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, founded in 1934, is a scientific association serving over 7,000 professional members around the world. Our mission is to advance knowledge and improve understanding of mapping sciences to promote the responsible applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, and supporting geotechnologies. ASPRS members work as analysts, specialists, educators, engineers, managers, administrators, product developers, operators, technicians, marketers, scientists and researchers in the fields of Aerospace, Agriculture, Archeology, Biology, Cartography, Defense, Development, Ecology, Environment, Forestry, Geodesy, Geography, Geology, Homeland Security, Hydrology, Land Appraisal, Medicine, Real Estate, Transportation, Urban Planning and Water Resources. The Rocky Mountain Region serves ASPRS members in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Continue reading »

Aug 272014

Deadline: September 1, 2014


International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF), which will take place in Denver, Colorado, USA, February 23-25, 2015, has announced a Call for Papers and invites any interested parties to submit their abstracts by September 1 online here.

Topics include:

  • Data acquisition – Airborne, Terrestrial and Bathymetric LIDAR
  • LIDAR point clouds – in parallel to LIDAR
  • Data fusion and processing technologies
  • Developments in data classification and GIS modeling
  • Industry issues
  • Mobile mapping and survey
  • Recent project examples
  • Systems integration
  • Trends and new technology development

Learn more about the topics here.

The ILMF Advisory Board will review each abstract and the final program will be announced in November.

The success of ILMF 2014, which saw more than 800 professional attendees from 27 countries, proved once again that LiDAR, in its increasing variety of operational formats either alone or when complementing other technologies, is becoming the technology of choice for fast, accurate and quality geospatial data acquisition. Whether supporting highly detailed 3D urban mapping projects, forestry management, or railroad and power transmission line maintenance programs, LiDAR technology delivers the results needed by today’s demanding geospatial and mapping professionals.

The 14th annual International LiDAR Mapping Forum will be managed by SPAR Point Group as an event separate from its SPAR conferences.

Please submit abstract by September 1 using this form

If you would like to learn more, please contact Linda McLaughlin, Conference Program Manager, at lmclaughlin@divcom.com or call +1 207-842-5674 or go to lidarmap.org/international.

(Aug. 25)

Aug 272014

2014 PROSE Symposium Call for Papers!

Please join us October 17, 2014 for the 7th Annual “Phenology Research and Observations of Southwest Ecosystems (PROSE)” Symposium in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Stephen Jackson, Director of the Southwest Climate Science Center, will deliver the keynote address: “Translational Climate Science: Challenges and Opportunities”.

For more information go to: https://www.usanpn.org/prose2014

We look forward to seeing you there!

PROSE organizing committee:  Michaela Buenemann (New Mexico State University, Las Cruces), Theresa Crimmins (USA National Phenology Network, Tucson), Joel Sankey (U.S. Geological Survey, Flagstaff), Jessica Walker (U.S. Geological Survey, Tucson), Cynthia Wallace (U.S. Geological Survey, Tucson)

(Aug. 22)