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Rio Grande Chapter Technical Tour to the Earth Data Analysis Center

On Friday, March 3, 2012, members of the Rio Grande Chapter of the ASPRS participated in a technical tour of the Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC), located at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. This tour was part of a new series of technical tours initiated by the Rio Grande Chapter. The tours are intended to broaden the membership’s knowledge and understanding of geospatial activities being conducted in New Mexico. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity expose the wider geospatial community to the members and activities of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. 

Our visit began with an overview of EDAC presented by the director, Karl Benedict. The Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC) was established in 1964 to transfer to assist NASA in the transfer of space-based technology to the private and public sectors. It has since evolved to become a state, regional, national, and international center for expertise in geospatial science and applications. While it is best known local for hosting the New Mexico resource Geographic Information System (RGIS), a popular clearinghouse for statewide geographic information system datasets, EDAC also provides a broad variety of geospatial applications services.  These include custom mapping and analysis, geospatial software applications development, and webhosting.

Laura Gleasner, manager of the RGIS Data Clearinghouse provided an overview of the data collections and demonstrated the tools that can be used to search, explore and access the data. She mentioned plans to add a capability to use these tools to access data hosted at other sites. Laura also described EDAC’s interest in encouraging data producers to provide quality metadata. RGIS offers metadata training and will validate metadata upon request.

Tom Budge, manager of the Image Processing Division, described the products and services this division provides. These include vegetation classification and geologic mapping. Among the more unique applications is EDACs support to the Cooperative Monitoring Center (CMC) at Sandia National Laboratories. This support has included technical assistance and training in the use of remote sensing and geographic information technologies for projects involving border security and arms control.

The visit closed with an overview of some web-based geographic information data delivery. Shawn Penman demonstrated New Mexico watch (, an online tool for visualizing geographic data related to natural disasters in New Mexico. It was developed by EDAC in collaboration with the NM Department of Information Technology and utilizes ESRI ArcGIS API for Flex technology.

The ASPRS Rio Grande Chapter is grateful to the EDAC staff for providing us with a detailed look at this impressive resource we use on a daily basis. We especially thank Mike Inglis, EDAC’s  Associate Director, for organizing the tour.

The Rio Grande Chapter will organize its next technical tour this summer.

Joe Zebrowski (
GIS Specialist
New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute (NMFWRI)
New Mexico Highlands University
Box 9000, Las Vegas, NM 87701
(505) 426-2146

(posted March 15)


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